Kris Cox


Kris is the founder and manager of CoCoCo. He started as a passionate IT technician in 1999. In the beginning he worked in a broad technical environment. He did various operating systems including Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Solaris, AIX and many Linux variants. He was also responsible for networks based on Cisco and 3Com. In the area of ​​databases were Sybase, Oracle, Informix and MySQL the main flavors.

In 2005 he took charge for the team of Networking, Security, monitoring, backup and Unix. This team had to be expanded after the merger of two companies. After this management phase, Kris takes in 2007 the responsiblilty for evangelizing. Kris had to convince customers of new developments and trends in the market. This mainly focus were on the added value of these developments and trends for the business.

In 2010 Kris is again asked to build a Unix team in a new division. The team was to be created and the processes had to be set up and implemented for this purpose. After only 1.5 years, the team was fully operational and Kris could grow further to a Enterprise Architect function.

In 2015 Kris makes his transition to the ERP world. As a Microsoft AX functional consultant, he helps customers deploy and customize AX2012 in their specific environment.


The most important trainings to support him are:

  • Civil engineer in Computer Science
  • Master in Management
  • ITIL